4 Biggest Home Decoration Mistakes

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For many people, decorating and accessorizing their home is the most exciting part of being a homeowner. When you set out to customize and personalize your space, be sure to keep the mistakes of past homeowners in mind so as to not repeat them! It would be a shame to spend time and effort decorating your home only to make these errors that can instantly throw off the overall feel of your space. Here are some of the biggest home decoration mistakes to look out for.

Installing Short Curtains

Installing curtains is an important part of opening up a space. Having curtains not only makes a room feel refined, it also serves a practical purpose and gives you privacy from the outside world. However, if you have standard size windows, you should not opt for short curtains, even if you plan to place a couch or chairs in front of the windows. With the exception of smaller kitchen windows, when you install curtains, you should opt for length, even if it means they pool at the floor.

Hanging Frames Too High

This is one of the most frequently-committed mistakes among new homeowners. Your framed pictures and paintings should not be hung inches below the ceiling —they should always be hung at eye level. While it is important to draw the eye towards the ceiling when you enter a room, your full-length curtains should take care of that.

Frames belong in a place that remains visibly accessible, not high up on the wall. If you’re planning to build a gallery wall over time, you can eventually build up your levels of frames so that they approach the ceiling. However, this should be done gradually and with intention, using careful measurements.

Picking Paint Color First

Unless you’re starting from absolute scratch, as in, you have no furniture, linens or accent pieces, you should not choose the paint color first. The paint color should be dictated by a color that is found in most of your pieces. Let the things you already own decide which color you should paint the walls. If ever you’re in doubt, or simply are not in love with the complimentary color you’ve identified, try going for that color but in a lighter version.

Choosing Small Rugs

Picking an area rug that is too small for the room will make your space feel cramped and closed off. Although there are various schools of thought regarding rug sizes, the rule of thumb is to leave at least 6 inches of rug on either side of your couch or chairs. It’s totally fine if the back legs of your chairs or couch hang off the rug. The important factor is that the front legs anchor the rug to the ground and the rug anchors all of your furniture to the rest of the room.

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