4 Best Code Snippet Manager Software For Mac OS

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Every programmer, engineer, or computer science student needs a software tool to store their code. It is an essential aspect of any activity since a huge number of snippets need to be systematized. You can’t work effectively in a big team if you do not organize your daily workflow. Here are the 4 best snippet mac managers that you should pay attention to. Let’s check them closely.


CodeBox is a relatively comfortable and multifunctional tool for any programmer and a computer science student. The point here is that there are enough functions for sharing code, searching folders, managing fragment libraries, and breaking down files by tags and groups. You can create various smart groups and use syntax highlighting for 100 programming languages. Tools for daily work allow you to organize all your files in one place.

SnipperApp 2

This multifunctional app is suitable for a broad audience of users. First of all, it is interesting for its great interface with minimal resource consumption and convenient systematization of all snippets into directories and folders. Each user can synchronize their work time, and use GitHub gist. Here are some more advantages of this app.

  • Syntax highlighting for 120+ languages;
  • GitHub Flavored Markdown with preview mode;
  • Dark and light themes;
  • Showing of line numbers.

The best code snippet manager has available subscription models and a free version. It allows you to create up to 5 unique tags and store snippets locally. It is very convenient for those programmers who want to test all the advantages of using such a tool for Mac OS.

Snippet Manager

It is another representative of the snippet manager’s family. It contains a simple interface and allows you to configure cloud synchronization. These are useful tools for beginners who learn the profession of a programmer and study at a university. Users can create a large number of snippets, rename or delete them to free up more space. It has basic functionality, but it is enough for beginners.


It is an old code snippet manager that is available to every user for free. It functionality includes editing, creating notes, and individual fragments with support for various programming languages. The interface is still relevant to the modern requirements of work management. The application allows users to work on projects of any complexity and is suitable for small teams of programmers.

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