Hiring a Commercial HVAC Contractor? Use These Tips to Find the Best

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Your commercial HVAC system requires routine and predictive maintenance from professionals who understand this type of equipment. The local heating and air conditioning company that you hire for support should also be able to handle repairs and replacement needs. Here are eight tips to follow when hiring your commercial HVAC contractor.

#1 Gather the Facts

Take time to gather pertinent information before you start your search. Know what your system’s specifications are. Put together its maintenance history and a list of repairs done in the past. Find out what your state requires for licensing, insurance, and bonding requirements.

#2 Find Out Which Companies Others Recommend

Talk with other facility management professionals and see who they recommend for HVAC maintenance. They can tell you which companies are the most reliable and which ones you need to avoid. It can help you avoid spending money on a company that doesn’t have the necessary experience.

#3 Check Out Each Contractor

Call each contractor on your list and ask for references. An experienced HVAC contractor will have a list of recommendations on hand. Call each reference and ask questions. While you are talking to the contractor, ask for their license, insurance, and bonding information. Then, check that all of it is current and in good order.

#4 Get a Good Faith Estimate

Have the contractor provide a written estimate of the work required. The contractor should take time to assess the system and its needs. The written estimate should outline the work required, any parts needed, and the amount of labor necessary.

#5 Talk About Their Experience

Commercial contractors work with all types of HVAC systems from a range of manufacturers. They need to have a broad range of experience with new and old systems. Plus, they should have ongoing training to keep up with the latest technology.

#6 Examine the Service Contract

If you are hiring a contractor to perform routine maintenance, examine the service contract thoroughly. You need to know what it covers and what it does not. It should cover regular and predictive maintenance and make provisions for on-site repairs and rebuilds. It should outline pricing on repairs and replacements.

#7 Talk About Guarantees and Warranties

Does the HVAC contractor provide guarantees and warranties? They should give a guarantee on the quality of the work they do. If they fix something and it breaks again due to shoddy quality, what will they do? All guarantees and warranties should be in writing.

#8 Always Get a Second Opinion

If a contractor recommends replacing equipment over repairing it, ask for a second opinion. Some HVAC contractors push for a brand-new replacement because they make a lot of money doing that type of work. You may find a second opinion will tell you repairs will do the job or that a refurbished unit would cost a lot less.

These tips will help you find a reliable, experienced commercial HVAC contractor. Take the time upfront so you can trust the work they do.


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