How To Pick a Mortgage Lender

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Buying your own home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. A lot of thought and deliberation goes into picking a city, looking for a house, arranging the finances, checking the neighborhood safety, mentally mapping the area for infrastructure and development, and this isn’t even half of it. Relying on others for all these steps isn’t a bad idea, especially when you could pick up some advise that you wouldn’t have thought of by yourself. Sift through blogs, talk to friends and family for support. Remember you aren’t being fair to yourself if you do not make use of all the resources at hand. Here are a few tips to pick out a mortgage lender who may be the best for you.


Look for good reviews


The best way to look for a good mortgage lender is to browse through their reviews on the net. A lender who does the documentation and transfers on time is an ideal lender. Good reviews mean happy customers and reliable services. You don’t want to be saddled with someone who isn’t easily reachable and unpunctual. Beware of fake reviews too. Contact some of the customers and ask them about their experience. Doing a little research on your own can save you a lot of anxiety and stress later.


Ask your real estate agent


Real estate agents are often well connected with money lenders. You can ask your agent if they can recommend any mortgage lenders. Real estate agents like Mike and Matt Roach at connect buyers and sellers both online and offline. You can even try to come to a custom agreement with the seller.


Location of the lender


If possible find a lender in your time zone. In case of money transactions being in different time zones can result in late payments. If your lender is in the east and you’re in the west, your time zones are different by more than 6 hours. Communication and timely transfers would be difficult in case you need immediate assistance. If you do find a lender who is not in your time zone, set up a good communication system where they are reachable if the need arises.


Find a lender with a good reputation


Is the lender credible? Do they transfer payments on time? Are the documents all in order? Is the lender helpful? Can you have a good rapport with them? You’re going to transact with your lender for a long time (anywhere between 10 to 30 years). Having a good relationship with them will save you a lot of headaches.


Opposition from listing agents


Agents who list properties would favor their sellers and advise them to choose buyers who are the most credible. Getting a letter of pre-approval from a local money lender will hold a lot more value than one who is not in the area.


Doing such a big transaction is not without risks but you can minimize these by preparing well and equipping yourself with knowledge. Finding a good mortgage lender is easier than you think!


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