An Effort to Control What the Public Hears on Immigration

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By FAIR, Special for USADT

A recent report from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), titled “Mainstreaming Hate: The Anti-Immigrant Movement in the U.S.” is a flawed, ludicrous analysis based on a complete misunderstanding of public concern about immigration policy. It blatantly demands that all general public discussion about immigration be censored unless it comports with the ADL’s approved content. It is a thinly-veiled effort to control what views the public hears and what information and ideas are appropriate for public consideration.

At its core, says Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the report has a flawed premise:  That responsible organizations like FAIR have only achieved credibility of late, and that this must be stopped at all costs. “In fact,” says Dan Stein, president of FAIR, “our voice has been a major part of the national discussion since the late 1970s. Our views are the mainstream views of the American people, and our legitimacy is based on years of responsible, professional, competent advocacy and reason.”

For four decades, FAIR has been a leading voice for responsible immigration policies. “The ADL suddenly posits that free discussion of the need for immigration limits is likely to lead to all sorts of bad things. In fact, it’s the failure of our national leadership on the issue that is causing mounting public frustration,” says Stein.

“The ADL report reflects the highly politicized views of Jonathan Greenblatt, the group’s director. Greenblatt, like many former Obama operatives, has continued to press his former boss’s mass immigration agenda through lavishly funded NGOs.

“While the ADL ostensibly exists to confront and combat anti-Semitism, under Greenblatt, the organization has been accused of giving a pass to anti-Semitism from the far left, while distorting the positions of those they perceive to be right of center. This report is yet another example of a far left ideologue attempting to demonize disagreement about an important public policy as by labeling it ‘hate,” charged Stein. “What they attempt to do is censor all criticism of current immigration policies, thus shutting down the debate altogether.”

FAIR rejects the ADL’s criticism of the organization’s work:  “The ADL uses tactics similar to those of the highly-partisan Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in distorting opposition positions and fabricating allegations of causation – as if responsible policymaking leads to intolerant behavior. We reject this linkage unequivocally,” Stein concluded.

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