Shop, Scan, Pay, Go – The Entire Shopping Experience will be in Customers’ Hands

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Shop, scan, pay, go – The entire shopping experience will be in customers’ hands at select 7-Eleven® stores during the pilot of the new mobile self-checkout feature, Scan & Pay. Taking convenience to the next level, Scan & Pay lets customers skip the checkout line and pay for their purchases using the 7-Eleven app, which houses the already successful 7Rewards® loyalty program.

The Scan & Pay pilot launched in 14 7-Eleven stores in the Dallas area, giving customers a convenient checkout alternative to waiting in a long line. Scan & Pay works on both Android and iOS devices and is available for all 7-Eleven merchandise excluding items that require cashier assistance — hot foods, financial services and age-verified products such as alcohol, tobacco and lottery tickets.

With Scan & Pay, customers can use their smartphones to scan and pay for items while they shop, enabling them to skip the line and get on with their day. This new frictionless shopping experience is integrated into the 7Rewards loyalty program, allowing customers to automatically earn 7Rewards points upon purchase, redeem points to purchase applicable products, as well as receive all in-store promotions.

7-Eleven is the first c-store chain to develop proprietary technology for a full frictionless payment experience from start to finish. The company plans to expand the service to additional cities in 2019, giving even more customers an opportunity to control their purchase process and shopping etiquette. 7-Eleven first tested mobile self-checkout at its Store Support Center store, where employees tried the feature prior to this multi-store launch.

“Our customers are on the go, looking for faster, more convenient ways to shop more than ever before. 7-Eleven continues to redefine convenience by providing frictionless experiences for our customers with Scan & Pay. Our customers can now use their smartphone to skip the line, every time,” said Gurmeet Singh, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer at 7-Eleven.

Using Scan & Pay through the 7-Eleven mobile app is simple:

  • Update the latest version of the app or download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to ensure it has the Scan & Pay capability.
  • If not already a member, register for the 7Rewards loyalty program Open the app and tap Start Scanning at the bottom of the home page.
  • Customers must be within the geo-fenced area in or around one of the 14 pilot stores for the shopping feature to appear.
  • As they shop, customers simply scan items with a bar code using the guides on their phone screen. Items are added to their basket, along with any discounts or promotional pricing.
  • Next, customers pay for purchases using Apple Pay, Google Pay or a traditional debit or credit card. Scan & Pay stations with clear shopping bags are in the store.
  • Once they pay for their purchases, customers scan the QR code on the final confirmation screen at the Scan & Pay confirmation station.

“We want every interaction with 7-Eleven to be valuable and delightful and fast,” Singh said. “Customers can now take control of their shopping experience and earn loyalty points at the same time. Customers are given a variety of options when they walk into a 7-Eleven store, from product assortment and customization all the way to payment methods. We are taking the in-store retail experience to the next level with a series of innovations. Scan & Pay is one of them.”

Scan & Pay is the latest in a series of digital technology enhancements 7-Eleven has made available to consumers. Others include: offering various mobile payment options (Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay); expanding the 7Rewards customer loyalty program to a wider range of eligible purchases; presenting AR (Augmented Reality) experiences; offering in-store package pickup via the 1,100 Amazon Lockers located at participating 7-Eleven stores; and launching the 7NOW™ proprietary delivery smartphone app in select markets.

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