Inspiring Kids to Eat Healthy

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GOOD FOR KIDS, a socially responsible children’s brand, is proud to unveil “The World’s First Healthy Eating Doll” and “The World’s Largest Healthy Eating Picture Book.” The doll and the book were created by Dessi Donkova, Founder of the company and a mom of two, who is on a mission to inspire kids to make healthy food choices.

Summer, “The World’s First Healthy Eating Doll,” comes with a set of 20 colorful, wooden toy foods and a charming shopping bag. She is a smart little girl who can easily tell which foods are good for her. Healthy foods like apples, carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, and broccoli stick to her mouth so she can “eat” them. If the doll is offered a lollipop, however, she will not take it. The effect of tasting and touching the foods is accomplished through the use of hidden magnets that are safely and inconspicuously embedded in the mouth and hands of the doll. Summer can easily pick up healthy foods with her hands and bring them to her mouth. She really knows what’s good for her!

GOOD FOR KIDS is also happy to introduce the children’s picture book, Healthy Foods Are Fun to Eat. This high quality 8″x10″ hardcover book has 32 pages and is filled with bouncy rhymes and adorable illustrations made entirely of fruits and veggies. It features stunning food art created by over ten talented artists from all around the world! Parents and kids can flip through the pages of the book and enjoy the fun rhymes and the gorgeous images of kids, animals, space travel, nature, ocean life, and more.

The company has also special-ordered and custom-printed one super large copy of the Healthy Foods Are Fun to Eat book, which is now the largest known healthy eating picture book in the world. This special, gigantic copy of the book will travel to libraries, schools, and children’s museums to spread the positive message of healthy eating.

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About Good For Kids

GOOD FOR KIDS is a Boston based startup dedicated to launching and distributing high quality products that are GOOD for kids, and doing GOOD by helping children in need. The company was founded by Dessi Donkova, a technology executive, former McKinsey consultant, and Harvard Business School graduate.

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