A Child’s Creative Way of Selling 300 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies Fast

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If nothing else, she gets an “A” for creativity.  At the time of this writing, we do not know the name of the innovative young lady show figured out how to sell 300 boxes of cookies in a single weekend.  She found helping people with the “munchies” after leaving a California marijuana shop to be very effective.

This is what the San Diego Union Tribune reported:

he identity of the entrepreneurial Girl Scout who sold 312 boxes of Girl Scout cookies outside a San Diego marijuana shop this weekend remains a mystery to the organization, and that has left it unsure of its next steps as the story continues to garner national headlines like this one from Jezebel:

A spokeswoman for Girl Scouts San Diego told The San Diego Union-Tribune on Tuesday that the regional council of the national organization is not investigating the matter, but would discuss it with the girl and her family if they ever find out who she is because there are very particular rules about when and where Girl Scouts can sell their popular cookies each year — and “consequences” for repeated infractions.

Girl Scouts San Diego said it does not really know how to address the viral story of this Girl Scout selling cookies outside of a marijuana dispensary.

“It’s not a cut and dried situation when we don’t know who the girl is and we don’t know what the situation is,” said Maryl Doyle, director of communications for Girl Scouts San Diego.

It remains unclear whether this Girl Scout and her father broke any of the organization’s rules when they sold so many cookies in front of Urbn Leaf over the weekend in the Bay Park neighborhood of San Diego, with the help of some social-media promotion from the marijuana dispensary.

Doyle told The Union-Tribune on Monday that Girl Scouts are prohibited from setting up booths outside commercial establishments without explicit permission from business owners on an approved list. Doyle said that Urbn Leaf “is not on the approved booth site list.”

To get around this issue, Girl Scouts are allowed to sell cookies in “walk-abouts” using a rolling cart but only in residential areas.

“The walk-about or door-to-door sales rules are in place to protect Girl Scouts and their families from receiving citations for solicitation of cookies,” Doyle… (READ MORE).

This is how the story was covered by the media:


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