Scamming the Elderly Scammers

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Editor’s Note:  Kevin Price, host of the Price of Business on Biz Talk Radio and Managing Editor of USADT, has discussed the elderly scammers on his show before.  His own mother was a victim of them over a few years before her passing.  Recently he stumbled on a man who honors his grandmother with his war against scam artists that exploit the elderly.  Price found the story at The Daily Beast.  Below is an excerpt of that story, as well as videos of the anti-scammer at work.

Kitboga has become a rising Twitch star by livestreaming himself for hours at a time. But unlike most streamers on the platform, he’s not playing video games.

Instead, the mid-30s software engineer spends hours of his week streaming himself wasting the time of would-be scammers.

Kitboga has become one of the most popular “scambaiters” on the platform and he’s saved potentially thousands of people from falling victim to tech support scams by raising awareness about different types of fraud via his Twitch channel.

And his viral fame never would’ve happened—if not for his grandmother.

Scambaiting is essentially when internet do-gooders bait scammers into wasting hours of their time or disclosing information that could later get them prosecuted in the interest of the public good. Kitboga got his start “scambaiting“… (read more).

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